Ribs still hurting from yesterday, what is it?

Answer idk

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I got braces yesterday and all i ate yesterday was mac n cheese but can i go ahead and eat harder foods wo/pai?

My sister said to wait like a day or 2, So you can get used to them.Just it Soft foods for now until it feels like you dont even notice you have them anymore.

I received my statement yesterday from Morgan Stanley and I've lost 24% of my investments What should I do?

I know this sounds crazy but just hang in there. The pandemic credit crisis is not a short episode by any means but given the global effort to mitigate further deterioration is unprecedented (no th... Read More »

Why do bond prices go up when stock prices fall?

Stocks and bonds are competing investments that attract different classes of investors. Because of corporate structure, bonds offer less risk, while stocks are associated with greater profit potent... Read More »

Are propane prices tied in with gasoline prices?

Propane gas prices are tied to gasoline prices because both fuels come from crude oil and are in direct competition with each other, according to the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts.References... Read More »