Official ASA Softball Rules on Pitching?

Answer The Amateur Softball Association (ASA) is a national organization in the United States that provides support services to softball leagues. ASA has resources for youth leagues and traveling teams, a... Read More »

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Official Elementary Basketball Rules?

The primary goal of basketball leagues structured for young beginners is to create opportunities for them to learn the game. The rules for elementary level players follow the same pattern as the ba... Read More »

Official Rules for the Game of Speedball?

Several sports have used the name "speedball." The most common is a soccer/football hybrid played in American PE classes. But gaining popularity as speedball is a fast-paced variation of paintball.... Read More »

Official IRS Rules of Assisted Living Expenses?

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) rules for assisted living expenses are laid out in IRS Publication 502 Medical and Dental Expenses. Individuals in assisted care or relatives supporting dependent... Read More »

When an Army organization wishes to establish an external official presence on the Internet they must first contact the appropriate IAM and Privacy Act official who will assess what?