How would someone who has had problems throughout high school and is behind almost an entire year make it on their own at eighteen or maybe sooner?

Answer %REPLIES% Answer In most states, there is a provision for 'emancipating' a minor- that is, to let them live on their own, away from parents and support themselves. There is paperwork involved and a... Read More »

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Is it physically possible for someone to stop their own heart?

Sure just cause one of the H's or T'sTension pneumothorax ThrombosisTraumaToxinsHypothermiaHypoxiaHyperkalemiaHypokalemiaHypoglycaemiaI suggest you don't though

How to Reject Someone Without Breaking Their Heart?

Ever wanted to reject someone without the heartbreak and tears? It's not that hard, really. Just be sure to follow a few of these ideas and you will be able to step away from the encounter unscathed.

Can someone in their very early 20s suffer a heart attack?

Sure, it's possible.Unless you're a princess, of course.Then you can have one of your subjects have it for you.But seriously, if you think you're at risk, see your doctor ASAP.You got that young lady?

When someone has a heart attack, why is there pain in their arm?

"Why is pain related to myocardial ischemia often "referred"? Cardiac pain is often referred to areas of the body surface which send sensory impulses to the same levels of the spinal cord that rece... Read More »