What are the odds of having the same birthdate as a sibling?

Answer Yes. If you disagree you would need to file an objection to the court. There would be a hearing and the judge would decide if your objection was serious enough to stop the appointment. If so, anoth... Read More »

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What are the odds of having kids with the same birthday but a different year?

Answer In probability theory, the birthday problem, or birthday paradox[1] pertains to the probability that in a set of randomly chosen people some pair of them will have the same birthday. In a gr... Read More »

What are the odds of having a hermaphrodite baby?

only happens maybe one in every 25,000 deliveries.

What are the Odds of a woman having a baby on her birthday?

1 out of 365 These odds improve if she has sex and gets pregnant about 3 months after her birthday.

What are the odds of the MPAA catching me based on having a VPN?

no they probably have something a bit better than that. Instead of worrying about them catching you why don't you focus on deleting all those torrents off your drive and wiping the space then there... Read More »