What are the odds of having kids with the same birthday but a different year?

Answer Answer In probability theory, the birthday problem, or birthday paradox[1] pertains to the probability that in a set of randomly chosen people some pair of them will have the same birthday. In a gr... Read More »

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Birthday Games for 8-Year-Old Kids?

Planning for an 8-year-old's birthday party can take its toll on you when you do not know exactly what constitutes as fun for a child that age. The games you choose may or may not leave the party g... Read More »

What are the Odds of a woman having a baby on her birthday?

1 out of 365 These odds improve if she has sex and gets pregnant about 3 months after her birthday.

What are the odds that a pregnant 14 year old would have a healthy baby?

Answer Actually, quite good. 14 year olds are having babies all over the world, and have been having them for thousands of years. There are some difficulties that are more common at a young age(l... Read More »

When should I send out my kids' birthday party invites for a combo birthday party and a few q re etiquette?

About 3 weeks to a month at most it gives them time to take off work or make sure there free but not so early that they won't remember. And its not rude just put gifts optional and list things your... Read More »