Is it true that "Your baby needs a mother in order to have a normal/healthy physical/mental development."?

Answer Babies need love, care and consistency. The gender of the parent is irrelevant.

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What herbs can be used to treat mental handicap?

It would depend on the cause. Mental handicap is sometimes caused by brain damage sustained in life, or by defective genes. In these cases, it is irreversible and there are no treatments. Mental re... Read More »

Is popcorn a physical or mental change?

Inside the hard shell of kernel of popcorn is water surrounded by starch. When heated, the starch becomes a liquid, and the water becomes a gas. The kernel bursts open as the steam expands. The ... Read More »

How to Improve Your Mental and Physical Skills?

A lot of websites, books and articles give suggestions as to how to improve yourself as a person or how to improve your physical health and image. This guide shows how to improve both simultaneously.

What are some physical and mental symptoms of hormonal imbalance?

There's TONS of symptoms. If you feel off, see a doctor.