What are the odds of getting a ROTC scholarship?

Answer Well my drill team is called the blue lighting drill team because our mascot is a lighting bolt. Try to come up with something that will sound hot when u report in

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If you already have a navy rotc scholarship can you transfer it to an air force rotc scholarship?

Yes. You're still subject to the eligibility requirements of any university you're attending.

You are a contracted but non-scholarship smp cadet in army rotc if you quit rotc what happens to you?

i don't know about the non-scholarship part, but if u are in smp you have signed a Contract with the Guard or Reserves, not ROTC. This means if you quit or get kicked out of ROTC you still have an ... Read More »

How to Get an ROTC Scholarship?

Getting an ROTC scholarship is both the easiest and hardest thing you can ever do. The process is nearly automatic, but qualifying requires commitment and effort.

What is a ROTC scholarship?

i would like to ask the same question...glad there's somebody else out there looking for one!