What are the odds of becoming pregnant on birth control?

Answer The odds of becoming pregnant within a year are approximately 1-in-300 with perfect use of pills, patches or shots. Refer to the References section for a more complete list of the "typical use" and... Read More »

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When does birth control start becoming effective?

The birth control pill is effective immediately if taken within six days of the first day of your period. If you wait longer than six days, it will take one month before it is effective.Source:What... Read More »

On birth control what are signs of being pregnant?

morning sickness bigger stomach headaches nausea dizzyness

If you get pregnant on birth control pills and continue taking them without realizing you're pregnant will it hurt the baby?

Answer, It can effect the baby more so if it is a female because of the hormones it the birth control pills.

Realisticly what are the chances of getting pregnant on birth control?

Birth control pills are very reliable at preventing pregnancy. However, nothing but abstinence is 100% effective. When used as directed the rate of effectiveness varies from 92-99%. In theory, t... Read More »