What are the odds of a fetus surviving in the 8 th month?

Answer Answer Pretty good, many babies have been born a lot earlier than that Even babies born as early as 25 weeks now have a good chance of surviving. More than 90% of premature babies who weigh 800 gr... Read More »

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Why at seven month of gestation fetus birth is alive and at eight month fetus is dead in humans?

Wouldn't know unless there was more detail. There are many circumstances that can cause a miscarriage or a birth ending in stillbirth prematurely.

What are the odds of this girl surviving?

The longer it is from the day of the fire the better chance she has of surviving. At this point her biggest concern is probably an infection. But to be quite honest it's hard to tell her chances ... Read More »

What are the odds of surviving Myeloma?

My wife lived for more than five years with multiple Myeloma but in the end it was cancer that she died from.

How to Increase Your Odds of Surviving a Disaster?

When disaster strikes, will you know how to make it out alive?Be it natural or man-made, disasters can happen in the blink of an eye, putting you in the ultimate challenge of escaping alive. Follow... Read More »