What are the objects or things that are considered small and big?

Answer What I usually do is show my students the same kind of object in the two different sizes, ie a big car and a small car. These would be easily found in toy departments.

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What are some things that are commonly considered to be vegan, but in reality aren't?

soaps. some of them have animal products. and vitamins. many have gelatin in them. i guess a lot of things with glycerine's. toothpaste. some beans have lard. a lot of eco gas, i cant rememb... Read More »

What are some small things that float?

I think Amber is on the same line as me. Get out a water table, have some items for the children to actually touch and manipulate and let them do the experimenting. You could facilitate for the "... Read More »

Ok tree drops off small seed like things in piles that jump, and you can hear them. what are they?

It sounds to me like a “Jumping Bean Tree or Shrub”. A moth lays its egg in the “bean” and when the egg hatches the larva of the moth causes the seed to jump. But that’s just a wild guess... Read More »

How to Clean Small Marble Objects?

Marble is like a sponge and absorbs grime from smoke, dust, and furniture polish. This cleaning method uses ordinary, acid-free household products.