What are the nursing considerations before and after random blood sugar test?

Answer Most states don't have a set age - its' more about the circumstances and usually, what has happened (if anything) by the child being left. Did they burn down the house? Did they sit there and play ... Read More »

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Why does my blood sugar seem better in the morning after eating alot of carbs before bedtime?

Somogyi rebound.Your blood glucose dips during the middle of the night -> liver breaks down glycogen, releases glucose into bloodstream. This glucose hangs around in the blood because you have diab... Read More »

My blood sugar test results was169 after food (2hrs) & I pee when ever i drink to much of water.. Is it bad?

169 mg/dL is elevated. You should get tested for diabetes.... it's also normal to urinate when you drink a lot of water. That's sort of how the human body works. You don't need to have frequent uri... Read More »

Normal Random blood sugar labels?

At what times of the day should I test my blood sugar?

Generally your doctor will recommend that you test your blood sugar at least three times a day, according to the Mayo Clinic. The clinic says that testing could become before and after meals, befor... Read More »