What are the nurses that clean the baby?

Answer A OB nurse may clean the infant.

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Day-to-Day problems faced by Nurses in rendering flawless healthcare services. Things that bother the Nurses?

What bothers me is the rapidly approaching nursing shortage. Our workload and job demands are increasing. Patients in the hospital are sicker than they were even 5 years ago and individual patients... Read More »

What Are Some Things That Nurses Do on the Job?

Nurses have many different jobs. Nurses are the ones who have the most contact with the patients. They are responsible for dispensing medication and carrying out doctors' orders. They are the teach... Read More »

What are 3 medications that has to be check by 3 nurses before administrations?

no when one is pregnant one should avoid taking medicines

Is there an unwritten rule that says that palliative care nurses will give patients an overdose of morphine?

not at all palliative care is to keep the patient pain free and comfortable but never ever to give an overdose