What are the notes on the treble clef?

Answer The treble clef scale is written for instruments that share a common pitch. Some instruments that use the treble clef scale are the trumpet, the b-flat clarinet and the piano. The notes on the treb... Read More »

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How to Change the Treble Clef to a Bass Clef?

Changing notes written originally on the treble clef to the bass clef may be needed when a songwriter changes his mind and decides a particular musical phrase should be played on a bass clef instru... Read More »

Is the flute bass clef or treble clef?

The concert flute uses the treble clef, or "G clef." There is a bass flute that uses the bass clef, but these flutes are rare due to their low timbre, which is easily overpowered by other instrumen... Read More »

What is the treble clef?

According to Virginia Tech University's Music Department, the treble clef is a stylized G symbol representing the musical letter G that indicates the pitch of notes located on lines and spaces of a... Read More »

What is a treble clef?

The treble clef is a symbol placed at the beginning of a staff of music to indicate to a performer the pitches of notes in the staff. It is also known as the G clef, because its lower inside loop w... Read More »