What are the normal measurements for a female who is 5'6"?

Answer There are no "normals" just common measurements based on averages taken by people who we can't trust with statistics. Be healthy.

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Is 55% a normal EF for a 20 year old female?

55% EF is good (above normal), you can increase more by walking or physical activity OK. There is nothing to freak out, solve the anxiety problem.The above answer is wrong as there no such thing a... Read More »

I am 53 female what is the normal sugar count for my age thank you?

The correct response, my friend, depends on when during the day you test your blood sugar (glucose) level.A fasting (after not eating overnight) blood sugar level for a non-diabetic would normally ... Read More »

Normal Levels of Female Hormones?

Several hormones in women work in tandem to control the reproductive cycle. Many different factors affect hormone levels, including diet, activity level, stress, metabolic disorders and other disea... Read More »

Is 112 / 74 normal for blood pressure im 28 yr old female?

That is a good pressure for a 28 year old female.