Are there any search engines for upcoming movie releases?

Answer The Internet Movie Database ( is one of the most comprehensive and popular movie search engines on the internet. IMDb users can find release dates and watch trailers of upcoming films.... Read More »

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What happens when an atom releases nuclear particles&energy?

A radioactive atom is unstable, and it will break apart, releasing nuclear particles and energy. Isotopes having a higher proton-to-neutron ratio tend to be most unstable due to the repulsive force... Read More »

What is the term for the chemical process that releases energy for maintaining life?

Two chemical processes are important for the production of the energy necessary for life. The first is photosynthesis, which plants use to create energy from sunlight. The second is respiration, in... Read More »

How to Write Press Releases for the Web?

Press releases inform the media of newsworthy events for businesses, organizations, communities, and individuals. Traditional press releases were either mailed or faxed to news organizations. The i... Read More »

Are there blu ray releases of classic movies?

Yes, most companies are re-releasing classic movies in the blu-ray format. This would of course depend on which movie you are looking for. I would try and contact whoever released it in the last fo... Read More »