What are the new 10 combinations in the Alchemy game?

Answer alchemy elements 371-380: 1.Man+Sex=Baby, 2.Sugar+Seed=Beetroot, 4.Beetroot+Fire=borscht, 5.Cocoa+Sugar=Chocolate, 6.UFO+Arable=Crop Circles, 7.Michrochip+Book=E-Book, 8.Chocolate+Fire=Hot Chocolat... Read More »

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Ipod alchemy combinations?

I only have 115/211 combinations. (in order that I made them)1. Water2. Fire3. Air4. Soil5. Steam -- Water + Air6. Energy -- Air + Fire7. Storm -- Air + Energy8. Cloud -- Air + Steam9. Rain -- Wate... Read More »

What are all 380 combinations in the alchemy iPod app?

Combined Elements #'s (1) 1UP = life + mushroomA's (15) Airplane = metal + bird Albert Einstein* = scientist + energy Alcohol = fire + water Alcoholic = man + alcohol Algae = life + water A... Read More »

What are all 211 combinations for alchemy ipod touch app?

I have 227 so far (still looking for help! Now its up to 231) Here's what I have: 1up=Mushroom+LifeAcid=Fire+SulfurAcid Rain=Acid+RainAI=Computer+LifeAir=Starter Airplane=Bird+MetalAlcohol=Fire+W... Read More »

What are all the combinations for Alchemy on Google Chrome?

I don't know them all but here are some: Acid Rainrain smoke Airplane MetalBird Algae Allergy DustHuman Alligator lizard swamp Angel Bird Human Antarctica Aquarium GlassWater Archipelago Isle Is... Read More »