What are the natural cure for hypothyroidism?

Answer 1. Just say no to the dietary bungee cord. Greatly reduce or eliminate caffeine and sugar, including refined carbohydrates like flour, which the body treats like sugar. Make grain-based carbohydrat... Read More »

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Hashimoto's hypothyroidism or just hypothyroidism/ naturopath diagnosis?

Hashimoto's is tested with an antibody test - ask to have it done, it's not done regularly.Hashimoto's is suppose to cycle between hyper & hypothyroid but I have Hashimoto's & I don't believe I've ... Read More »

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Chemotherapy or going natural cure?

I was diagnosed with liver cancer, I immediate went on a cancer diet, and alternative treatments to name a few, strengthening my immune system, cleansing my digestive system and blood, alkalizing, ... Read More »