What are the names of the muppets?

Answer From the Muppet show: Kermit the frog Miss Piggy Fozzie Bear Gonzo the Great Rowlf the Dog Animal Dr. Teeth Janice Zoot Floyd Pepper Sweetums Rizzo the Rat Sam the Eagle Dr. Bunsen Ho... Read More »

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What are the names of the muppets that can play instruments and which Muppet plays which instrument?

What nationality is animal from the muppets?

"Animal" , the drummer from the band Dr. Teeth and The Electric Mayhem , is an expatriate from an undisclosed nation .

What kind of characters are bert and ernie from the muppets?

He could but right now he thinks girls are icky. But have wishful thinking.

What was a name of a TV show for children from the 80s with Muppets about the greatest operas but not the Maestro's company?

its Courtney and its not really a million dollars its the same money as last time chris said that on the first episode