If you had 8 kids like Jon and Kate plus 8?

Answer I like your choices... especially Caitlin Noelle and Alexander James.My choices:Madeline KeiraCate NoelleAlexandra FaithHailey JaneLyla HadleyAlexander JamesJack KadenCameron Taylor

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What are the kids names on the eight is enough television show?

Penelope actually looks like all the other hamsters, but she's still a baby. She is very shy and wears a yellow blanket because of her shyness. I hope that answers your question. :)

What is the name of the song on Discovery Home and Health on the add for Jon and Kate plus 8 Little big people big world and 17 kids and Counting?

What would you name eight kids using these names?

Has the TV series 'Jon and Kate Plus 8' ended?

yes its last episode was aired last November 23, 2009.