What are the common names of five shrubs and five climbers commonly used for planting along roadsides or parks?

Answer in singapore: 5 common shrubs: 1. spider lily 2. bi-colored excoecaria 3. dwarf lemon 4. golden dewdrop 5. ixora 5 common climbers: 1. bougainvillea 2. morning glory 3. money plant 4. go... Read More »

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What are your five favorite names for girls?

I LOVE yours they are so nice!1. Hallie, Holly, Ava, Genevieve, Charlotte2. Ok so I think you'd also like Delaney and Catherine, below me I think you'd like Amy and Beth two names you are missing... Read More »

What are five boy names you think should be illegal?

1 ~ Chase2 ~ River (I don't even consider this a real name)3 ~ Ryder4 ~ Bentley (Car much?)5 ~ Weston I like Gavin lol.

What are five names you wish were made illegal?

Barak Obama, Al Gore, Nacy Pelosi, Matt Lauer, Lewis Farakahn

What would you name five daughters using these names?

1. Lilith Jade (d.o.b. November 6)2. Ramona June (d.o.b. June 2)3. Willa Danielle (d.o.b. July 31)4. Alice Claire (d.o.b. January 11)5. Natalie Olivia (d.o.b. May 15)Lilith - Long, straight, inky b... Read More »