How do you become a mermaid that does not turn into a mermaid every time you touch water?

Answer mermaids are true !

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Do eels have scales?

Moray and electric eels do not have scales. They have firm muscular bodies much like that of a snake. Even though they do not have scales, eels are classified as fish.Source:Florida Museum of Natur... Read More »

In Mermaid Melody Pitchi Pitchi Pitch does Kaito find out that Luchia is a mermaid?

Yes, at the end of the first season. To be precise on the last episode of the first season, which episode 52

Facts About Eels for Kids?

Eels are animals that live in the water and look a lot like snakes. However, eels are not snakes, but are actually a type of fish. There are more than 700 different kinds, or species, of eels. Like... Read More »

How Do Electric Eels Make Electricity?

What is commonly known as the electric eel is actually not an eel but a freshwater species related to the carp or catfish family. According the National Geographic Society, the eel uses a low level... Read More »