Good band names for a boy/girl band?

Answer ooh. I like the new yesterday. only I think you should take the -the off. I just like "new yesterday". It sounds really cool and alternative. Its very nice.

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What do you think of these band names?

That's a lot. Out of them, my favourites are Rome, Resurrection, and Blitz the Blizzard. Electronic nu metal, eh? May I suggest the name Violent Protest, or Riot in New Babylon?

Worst band names ever tell me.?

98 Degrees ( ( Would make more since it if were a duo)Flock of Seagulls (bird names=bad names)Green Jelly (just plain stupid)Counting Crows (ok band--dumb name)Tha Band/ P. Diddy/ Puff Da... Read More »


Harpin HoneysBearly LegalAll Girls SchoolRock- a- BearyThe Bearfest ClubHall-N-HarpsPlaid Green T's

How to Register Band Names With an Email?

One way to save money with your band is to create a free email address that you can use to communicate with fans or industry professionals. Instead of using one band's name or a made up name as the... Read More »