Do step up transformers need more power than step down transformers?

Answer Step-up transformers draw exactly the same amount of power, or watts, from the primary power source as do step-down transformers when doing the same work. While a step-up transformer steps-up the v... Read More »

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Girls' Names: This or That First Names vs. Middle Names on My Favorites List!?

MayNoelleKatherineHenriettaNoraElenaRosePersephoneGeorgiaEveMadeline (love both though!)MayaKatherineEmilyFavourites:1. Georgia. This is one of the recent additions to my name list, and it's quickl... Read More »

What car is the police car in"Transformers"?

The police car featured in the "Transformers" movie was a Saleen S281 Extreme model. The car was named "Barricade"; a few different Saleens were used to film the movie. Saleens have appeared in a f... Read More »

What kind of car is sunstreaker in Transformers?

What kind of car was the old Bumblebee in Transformers?

The "Bumblebee" character in the original Transformers cartoon was a Volkswagen Beetle. For the 2007 Transformers film, Bumblebee was redesigned to be a Chevrolet Camaro. At the beginning, the char... Read More »