What Makes a Brass Singing Bowl Different From a Regular Brass Bowl?

Answer Unlike basic brass bowls, antique brass singing bowls were crafted with seven different metals, one for each of the seven chakras. Singing bowl artists carefully tune each singing bowl to specific ... Read More »

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When it comes to twins, do you like matching names or different names?

i agree with you!i have identical twin girls and it is hard enough for people to try and tell them apart by looks but it would be even worse if they had names like Layla and Tayla or Savannah and B... Read More »

Different Centrex brand names used by different providers?

SBC, QWest, Bell South, Verizon, ConTel GTE, Centel, CommonWealth to name a few.

How was the first Super Bowl different from the Super Bowl today?

The first Super Bowl wasn't called the Super Bowl. The Jan. 15, 1967, game was a meeting between two rival pro football leagues. It was a far cry from the mega-event in the 21st century.The NameThe... Read More »

What NFL team has had 5 different quarterbacks start in the Super Bowl?

While several NFL teams have played in the Super Bowl five or more times, no team has started more than four different quarterbacks in the big game: The Washington Redskins (Bill Kilmer, Joe Theism... Read More »