How many states in America and what are there names?

Answer America has 50 states...1.Alabama2.Alaska3.Arizona4.Arkansas5.California6.Colorado7.Connecticut8.Delaware9.Florida10.Georgia11.Hawaii12.Idaho13.Illinois14.Indiana15.Iowa16.Kansas17.Kentucky18.Louis... Read More »

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What Are the Names of the United States Virgin Islands?

According to the CIA World Factbook, there are three main islands that constitute the United States Virgin Islands: St. Thomas, St. John and St. Croix. Additionally, there are several smaller islan... Read More »

What are the names of current astronauts of the United States?

Current Astronauts There are more than 120 astronauts currently working at NASA. See the list at the Related Link below.

How to Create Unique Names for States Towns People Etc?

Everyone knows what it feels like not knowing what name to choose for their town or a character in a story. You already know a "Sarah" and "Tony" and "Detroit" is an unoriginal name for a city. But... Read More »

How to Change Names on United States Saving Bonds?

U.S. savings bonds are registered to individual owners or co-owners. Only a named owner can cash or redeem a savings bond. An issued savings bond cannot be transferred to another owner in its curre... Read More »