What would you name five daughters using these names?

Answer 1. Lilith Jade (d.o.b. November 6)2. Ramona June (d.o.b. June 2)3. Willa Danielle (d.o.b. July 31)4. Alice Claire (d.o.b. January 11)5. Natalie Olivia (d.o.b. May 15)Lilith - Long, straight, inky b... Read More »

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What President's daughters were assigned the Secret Service code names Velvet and Venus?

Secret Service Those codenames were used during the Johnson administration. Their names were as follows,Lyndon Johnson, VolunteerLady Bird Johnson, VictoriaLynda Bird Johnson, VelvetLuci Baines Joh... Read More »

Name [x] daughters using these names!?

☼ -- Emmeline Audrey☼ -- Charlotte Isabelle☼ -- Grace Anna☼ -- Rosalind Jane☼ -- Evelyn Sophie☼ -- Lucia Jacqueline☼ -- Alice Matilda{Emma, Charlotte, Gracie, Rose, Evie, Lucy, and Al... Read More »

What were the US Secret Service code names for candidates John McCain and Sarah Palin and spouses?

John McCain: Phoenix Cindy McCain: Parasol Sarah Palin: Denali Todd Palin: Driller

Name Five Daughters from these Names + BQ [OYA7]?

1. Amelia Jane 'Lia'2. Madeline Nikita 'Maddie'3. Lily Matilda4. Violet Eve5. Natalie Flora 'Nat'BQ: A) Lily Amelia - B) Cara Michelle***Fun***