What are the names of ghosts in A Christmas Carol?

Answer the Ghost of Christmas Past, the G of Cr Present, the G of Things Yet to Come

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What does each of the ghosts symbolize in the Christmas carol?

The first ghost represents "The Ghost of Christmas Past" The first ghost is like a child and not a child dressed in a white robe. This represents innocence and purity (as children are) The second ... Read More »

Name the ghosts in Charles Dickens's A Christmas Carol?

there are four ghosts/spirits 1. Jacob Marley 2. Christmas past 3. Christmas present 4. Christmas yet to come

How many ghosts is Ebenezer Scrooge visited by in A Christmas Carol?

4, the ghost of the past, future, present and that little boy.

What are the characters names in A Christmas Carol?

Scrooge Bob Cratchit and his family Jacob Marley Ghost of Christmas Past Ghost of Christmas Present Ghost of Christmas Yet to Be Scrooge's Nephew Fred and his wife