What are the names of artists that have done relationships?

Answer I was verbally abused by my "family" and classmates. My teachers judged me by my disabilities, as well. I persevered-----just not academically for a teacher to see.My sister made fun of my disabili... Read More »

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Your iPhone 4 is only displaying up to 50 artists and no songs or albums past the letter P There are no settings that you have found that can fix this Any suggestions?

you go to tap resort and on the top click get more next to the shells

What can be done in Missouri if you have joint custody that states you have to give a two-month notice before you move and she gives you two weeks' notice that she's moving out of state with kids?

Answer It doesn't really matter where you live, the law speaks and she has no business doing this. Please seek out a lawyer and fight it. If she has to move because of a career move the odds may ... Read More »

What is the stupidest thing that you have done while drunk?

What have you done that lowered your blood pressure the most?

I've got chronic low blood pressure. But both my mum and dad had hypertension and getting salt out of their diet and exercising gently was the best thing that ever happened. Obviously if you smoke,... Read More »