What are the names of all the meats?

Answer Just google "Cuts of Pork", Beef, Lamb, Veal etc. I don't think anyone has the time to answer such an involved question.

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What meats can vegitarians eat?

well I'm sorry to say but your "mates" are not vegetarians because the only meat vegetarians can eat its meatless meatThey are not suppose to eat fish or chicken

What Meats Are From Pigs?

A single 250-lb. pig can become about 144 lbs. of meat suitable for retail, according to the Oklahoma Department of Agriculture, Food and Forestry. The meat is processed in several different ways a... Read More »

What meats can I eat with high cholesterol?

Everyone has cholesterol in their blood, but when your cholesterol levels get too high, your risks for a variety of serious diseases can increase dramatically. According to WebMD, high cholesterol... Read More »

What meats/resturants have the most fillings it?

Wendy's used to claim they had the juiciest burgers of anyone. Then someone came up with a recipe that showed Wendy's had purchased more than a thousand tons of earthworms. Apparently Wendy's dis... Read More »