Who are the characters from land of the lost?

Answer Wesley Ure as Will Marshall and Spencer Milligan as Rick Marshall Holly Marshall was played by Kathy Coleman season 3 came Uncle Jack Marshall played by Ron Harper Spencer Milligan did not play Do... Read More »

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What are the real names of characters in cia?

What are the names of all barney characters?

there is BJ the yellow triceratops babybop the Green triceratops barney the t-rex and then the children change per episode. if there are any other characters you need to know about let me know.

What are the names of all the characters on Chowder?

ChowderMung DahlShnitzelTrufflesPaniniGazpachoKimchiGorgonzollaEndiveChestnutRuebon

What are the names to the characters in FRIENDS?

Monica Geller-Bing - played by Courteney Cox Arquette Rachel Green - played by Jennifer Aniston Phoebe Buffay - played by Lisa Kudrow Dr. Ross Geller- played by David Schwimmer Chandler Bing - ... Read More »