What are the name of some loans that don't need cosigners or credit checks?

Answer You can get a private loan without a cosigner or a credit check or you can get a good loan, but you wont be able to combine both. The type of loan you are seeking are given to high risk borrowers ... Read More »

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IF my cosigners credit is in between 630-640 how hard would it be to get a private student loan from salliemae?

How may student loans can you have any bad credit ones besides stafford loans help?

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Are there any grants out there that pay for cosmetic surgery needs I know loans will, but i dont want that!!!?

Yes, there are grants out there. You have to do the research. Also some schools pay for your cosmetic surgery after you enroll into their programs. Some hospitals also pay for the cosmetic surge... Read More »

Are there loans you can get to pay for your cosmetic dentistry What are some other payment options if you dont have health insurance?

Answer If you have a credit card that is one option. Some 'loan companies' would also be an idea, do you own your vehicle, or home? If so you could take a second on your house, or refinance a vehi... Read More »