Do maci and Ryan get back together from MTV's teen mom?

Answer yes maci and Ryan got back together. it says on a new magazine i just got. It says so in a magazine but Ryan is going out with Tamara Brown

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Are the Junior American Idols still together or did any of them continue with their singing or appear in any movies or TV shows?

Go to the internet and find the nearest place were American idol is auditioning. Go there fill out an audition form.Hope you win

How much of the movie 'The Gladitor' with Russell Crowe was based on the true stroy?

Marcus Aurelius, Commodus, and Lucilla were real people; everything else was made up. The real Commodus was assassinated in his bath; he did not die in the arena, and there's no evidence that he ki... Read More »

What movies starred Oprah Winfrey and Danny Glover together?

What the mp3 player with wireless earbuds are in the movie Definitely Maybe with Ryan Rynolds?

The same as any other age of an adult. 18 to 120 plus. It's all the same to the law. As to the specific penalty for adults who steal headphones, you will have to check with an attorney in your area... Read More »