Why is the cure for the common cold still unknown?

Answer The viruses that cause the common cold can mutate often and rapidly and spread easily. The proteins on their capsid (coat) can be changed too quickly for us to prepare a vaccine before they change ... Read More »

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Unknown person on watsapp?

Either he is a friend trying to tease you and scare you or hired by a friend to do so,Or he is just some other cheap guy who randomly tried up your number, found out the location from online servic... Read More »

How to Flirt With an Unknown Person?

You're at school with your friends, suddenly this hot new guy comes to your school, you want his attention. PS: it doesn't have to be unknown.

How to Delete an Unknown Person in Picasa?

Picasa imports and categorizes the images and videos on your hard drive according to the folders in which they appear. In addition, Picasa scans your images for instances in which human faces appea... Read More »

What would you do about an unknown person that called you on Skype?

Edit your account so that no one can call you unless you accept them. Do not answer your phone anymore since they won't answer. they're playing games.