What are the most popular vacuum cleaners to buy?

Answer have a look at the prices for similar items on the open market and you should get an idea what your items are worth.

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What is the weighted means price of a retailer selling 50 vacuum cleaners at 90 and 35 vacuum cleaners at 140?

Answer "Eutectic" refers to a mixture or alloy that has the lowest possible melting / freezing point. In a true eutectic solution, all its consituents move from solid state to liquid and vice versa... Read More »

Are Dyson vacuum cleaners any better than regular vacuum cleaners?

The hype would say so. No bag, high vortex currents and no clog filters ensure there is always vacuum. Personal experience of the DC01, there are times when the dyson is more efficient and times wh... Read More »

The decade vacuum cleaners radios washing machines and other home appliances became popular?

Where were vacuum cleaners sold the most in 1920?