What are the most common signs of pregnancy?

Answer A missed period is the most common, breast tenderness, fatigue, dizzy spells, nausea & vomiting, cramping, spotting, backache.

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What are the most obvious signs of pregnancy?

Answer The most obvious sign of pregnancy is missing a period. The most common early symptoms you may also have are breast tenderness, tiredness and nausea and/or vomiting.

What are the most frequent signs of early pregnancy and how can you tell if you are just getting ready to start your period or if you're actually in your first week of pregnancy?

Answer most frequent signs of pregnancy are breasts sore or swollen, feeling nauseas, passing urine often, and if you are late for your period. it would be hard to know in the first week of pregnan... Read More »

What is the most common body symptom of pregnancy?

I believe the most common symptom of pregnancy would be a missing period

What is the most common agreed physical early pregnancy symptom?

Answer A missed period..But if you want to know before that many people say sore/enlarged boobs, headaches, nausea,dizziness, constipation. I had all of those before I even missed my period!