Flowers common names and botanical names?

Answer The botanical name of ummetha puvvu(telugu) is Datura flower.

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What do reptiles&fish have in common?

Reptiles and fish are alike in many ways. Both groups have species with scales and bony plates, for one, though they also share in having ancient origins, ectothermic systems, diversity in species ... Read More »

Common Pleco Fish?

The common pleco fish, or Hypostomus plecostomus, is an armored catfish native to South America and the Amazon basin, where it sometimes eaten. A large number of similar species are imported from L... Read More »

What are the common names for strawberries?

How common is the African butterfly fish?

The African butterfly fish is found in fresh water in Zaire, Cameroon and Nigeria. These fish are not listed as endangered in any way. They are common in these freshwater areas.References:Animal-... Read More »