What are the most common diseases that children suffer from?

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What are the most common diseases caused by smoking?

The American Heart Association reports cigarette smoking is the most preventable cause of death in the U.S. Smoking causes 2.4 million deaths a year.TypesCigarette smoke is deadly and contains more... Read More »

How many babies suffer from a diseases?

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Most Common Genetic Diseases in Dogs?

All animals have their unique genetics and genetic defects, and dogs are no different. Genes are made up of DNA and are passed from the parent dogs to the puppies either by dominant or recessive ge... Read More »

What is the most common color that appears in most of the world's flags?

The color red appears most frequently on flags worldwide, being used in 74 percent of all the world's national flags. White comes in second place with 71 percent and blue comes in third with 50 per... Read More »