What are the most common NATURAL methods of controlling Cancer?

Answer try ayurvedic medicines as last resort. that helps in complete cure.but the only problem is it is a very lengthy process some times the patients doesn't last that long hence u need the chemotherapy... Read More »

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What are the 4 most common types of cancer?

#1, skin cancer (non-melanoma) = 1 million new cases per year#2, Prostate cancer = 218,000 new cases per year#3, Lung cancer = 213,000 new cases per year#4, Breast cancer = 178,000 new cases per year

What is the most common natural disaster?

The most common natural disaster is a flood. Floods are often associated with many other types of natural disasters, including hurricanes and tornadoes. Types of floods include flash floods and sea... Read More »

What type of cancer is most common for smokers?

It's not that simple. A person who is a heavy smoker and drinker is most likely to get esophageal cancer (cancer of and around the esophagus). Oral cancer is more common in people who chew tobacco ... Read More »

What is Japan's most common natural disaster?

Due to the shifting of the Earth's plates, 70 percent of the world's major earthquakes occur in the Asia-Pacific region. This means that Japan's most common natural disasters are earthquakes. The c... Read More »