What are the mental abilities of people with Jacob syndrome?

Answer Try the reward process. Use the other children to role model with. You have to show him with other children that the behavior is not acceptable. Give him a time when he has to keep his glasses on a... Read More »

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What outlawed discrimination in hiring people with physical or mental impairments?

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) makes it unlawful for an employer to refuse to hire a person because of a disability. The ADA defines disability as any physical or mental impairment that ... Read More »

What are the special needs of people with Turner syndrome?

Turner's Syndrome only occurs in females. Symptoms of a girl with Turner syndrome include: short staturewebbed skin of the neckabnormal eye features (drooping eyelids)abnormal bone development, suc... Read More »

What subjects do you need to study in order to work with people who have Down syndrome?

child development, actually none just be you, get involved spend time, talk w/ parents, talk to a child whom has down syndrome, take continueing education courses, that involve working w/ persons w... Read More »

Down syndrome is a form of mental retardation in which a person has of chromosome instead of two what might cause this condition?