What are the medicinal actions of black cohosh?

Answer Peripheral vasodilatation, alleviate muscle spasms, reduce neuralgia pain, relieve bronchial infections, glandular tonic.

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What is black cohosh?

no when one is pregnant one should avoid taking medicines

How to Buy Black Cohosh?

Black cohosh is a native North American plant that is used to treat a variety of ailments; such as arthritis and muscle pain, high cholesterol, menstrual discomfort, and menopause symptoms that inc... Read More »

What are the precautions associated with using black cohosh?

Not to be taken during pregnancy except at the time of birth or by those with a chronic disease or by women taking birth control pills or hormone replacement therapy. Lower doses for children and e... Read More »

Where can you buy blue and black cohosh?

== Answer ==You can get it at a local health store. Or online. Please be careful when using the cohoses.They can be dangerous if used wrong.Do not use these to induce labor without the advice of a ... Read More »