What are the meanings of the various colors of religious votive candles?

Answer Various religions assign meanings to the colors of votive candles. In Christianity, votive candles used during holidays such as Advent have symbolic meanings--but otherwise they do not have particu... Read More »

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Do certain colors have certain meanings?

AnswerYes because red is usually angry and blue means sadness or you are depressed and yellow usually means you are very peppy at the time and the same with orange and green means tired and so on s... Read More »

What are the meanings of church banner colors?

Christian churches often change their decorations throughout the year, using banners and other decorations in specific colors for specific occasions. Each color is associated with a specific time o... Read More »

What are the meanings of the colors on a honor guard uniform?

life guard at any local kiddie pool, cant be deeper than 4 ft.

The Different Meanings of PDA?

From "Personal Digital Assistant" (less commonly known as a "Personal Data Assistant") to "Public Displays of Affection," from "Potato Dextrose Agar" to "Photo-Diode Array" or even "Private Detecti... Read More »