What are the meanings of lucky bamboo stalks?

Answer A symbol of success because of their rapid growth, strength and fortitude, bamboo stalks were thought to be lucky by the ancient Chinese. Lucky bamboo is popular because it is easy to grow, thrivin... Read More »

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How do I cut bamboo stalks?

Basic CuttingCut bamboo that is larger than 1 inch in diameter with hacksaw or another type of fine tooth saw. Place the blade directly on the stalk and slice downward at a slight angle. This will ... Read More »

How do I paint bamboo stalks?

Clean the BambooWash dirt from the bamboo stalks using dish soap. Rinse the stalks with a rag or a water hose. Wait for the bamboo to dry, or dry them yourself using clean rags.Score the BambooEnha... Read More »

How to Make Bamboo Stalks Grow Faster?

Renowned for its ability to grow fast, bamboo is often grown indoors and outdoors, both in residential and commercial landscapes. However, the growth rate varies among species. For instance, clumpi... Read More »

Why is bamboo lucky?

Lucky Bamboo is not bamboo at all, it's a member of the lily family that grows in the tropical Rainforests of Southeast Asia and Africa, it needs little care which makes it a perfect house or offic... Read More »