What are the maternal and paternal roles within the family?

Answer Well for one (and this is common sense)You keep an eye on them at all times.You should always know were your child is going and were they are with currently.You should know who your child is with a... Read More »

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Adoptive parents: when did you feel your maternal/paternal instincts kick in?

From the moment we saw her picture...which was after we accept her adoption. It all the maternal instincts that are naturally hard wired there inside of me kicked in. My family felt the same, (and... Read More »

In Virginia does the paternal father and paternal mother have to be married for the paternal fathers name to be on the birth certificate when the child is born?

Answer I am not a lawyer, but this is a direct qoute from Virginia Law concerning preparing birth certificates:3. The names of the parents, except that if the mother of thechild was not married to ... Read More »

72 yrs. old adopted found birthmother deceased was confirmed by maternal half sister who birth father is also deceased paternal half sister refuses to believe we're related best way to prove it?

What Is a Paternal Family Tree?

The dictionary term for paternal is "fatherly or from the father's side of the family."A family tree will typically contain the father's (paternal) and the mother's (maternal) living relatives and ... Read More »