What are the materials in making compost pit?

Answer paper napkins, pet hair ,wood chips , hay , leaves ,old species , pine needles, paper or wood

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How to Transport Compost Materials from Your Kitchen to Your Compost Bin?

It is great to compost but what do you do about getting your compost ingredients from the kitchen to the bin? If your bin is outdoors, it can be a de-motivating factor if the scraps for composting ... Read More »

What are some materials that are GOOD and BAD to put in a compost bin?

Good: Manure from vegetarian animals, cow horse, chicken, rabbit, goat.Bad: Feces from carniverous animals, dogs, cats.Good: Kitchen scraps that are vegetable in nature, peelings of fruits and vegi... Read More »

What materials should and shouldn't be added to a compost pile?

Anything that breaks down over time can be added to the pile. Plastics, glass, rocks, metals and large bones, won't break down very well, so they should be avoided. Anything that rots can be added.

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