What are the major differences between omphalocele and umbilical hernia?

Answer Congenital omphalocele is a persistence of the herniation of the abdominal contents into the proximal part of the umbilical cord. Whereas, the umbilical hernia occurs when intestines herniate throu... Read More »

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Is an umbilical hernia genetic?

Yes, It's congenital abnormality and is genetical related too.

When do you have to operate on umbilical hernia?

Surgery is only necessary if the hernia is problematic. They normally go away on their own and the doctor will probably try to avoid surgery if its not serious. My daughter has had an umbilical he... Read More »

How much does umbilical hernia surgery cost?

About £2000 Laparoscopic surgery - about 1500$ Open surgery - about 1000$ in India In some counties, medical surgeries are free, in the UK for example, on the National Health Service.

Laparoscopic Umbilical Hernia Surgery?

I'm due to have a laparoscopy in June for a removal of a complex ovarian cyst, so I can tell you what I know so far from forums etc.They make 3-4 incisions (this varies for each procedure) one is f... Read More »