What are the main things ofsted look for when inspecting a pre-school?

Answer How nursery education providers are inspectedWe inspect nursery education providers at least once every three years. A childcare inspector will arrange a visit where they will look at the progress ... Read More »

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10 pts!!!When can a school/ college look through the sites and things you do on your laptop?

They can only look at what you access via the school's internet connection and real time access (Many schools/colleges use real time access to see what you are looking the same time you are... Read More »

What are some things you can do over the summer to look GREAT for a new school year?

1. workout2.fix up your skin3. get a good haircut4.get some cute shoes5. get clothes that are in and that you can mix and match around so that it always looks like ur wearing something different.6.... Read More »

What Are Things to Look for When Buying a Vinyl Cutter?

Vinyl cutters represent a cost-effective way to produce short to medium production runs of indoor and outdoor signage. Basic vinyl cutter designs have not changed drastically since the early 2000s... Read More »

What are some things to look for or ask when choosing an Early Intervention Preschool program?

Look for a program that does not focus on the disability and neglect the child. You need a good preschool program as much as you need the therapies which will help your child.Is there plenty of tim... Read More »