What are the main events in the color purple?

Answer the main event is when Shug points out to her that you have to enjoy life. When they were in a field of purple flowers, Shug tells Celie to look at the flowers and embrace their beauty. "You must l... Read More »

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Do you like the color purple?

*slap* Stop crying! You are ruining my moment!*slap*Aww thanks Irk. You've earned a purple kiss!Be careful Irksome there's a helmet there! Unless...Remember Lulu, Dark Chocolate is good for you!

How to Color Hair Purple?

Coloring your hair purple can be the beginning of an entirely new hairstyle. You may also simply wish to color your hair purple for a special event, such as a costume or Halloween party. Food color... Read More »

What color do red&purple make?

Mixing red paint with purple paint creates red-violet paint. Purple is a secondary color created by mixing red paint with blue paint. By mixing a primary color with a secondary color, you create a ... Read More »

What color should I get for my bed my walls are purple?

Depends on what you want to do to the room... do you want it girly? Or would you want more classy chic look? Do you like it to feel darker or lighter?Here are some purple rooms: http://roxxn.wordpr... Read More »