Can you name a favourite movie where one of the main characters share the same first name as the director?

Answer Good morning :)I choose 'Love, Honour & Obey' (2000) directed by Ray Burdis and Dominic Anciano. Ray Winstone stars in the movie and takes his real name as his character name - Ray.BQ: I don't real... Read More »

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What is the main characters name from the old Nickelodeon show rocket power?

one is otto which wears a green headband two is sam wears a watch and glasses three is twister weres a yellow and redish striped cap turned backwords four is reggie the girl you can tell that pe... Read More »

Name The 6 Main Characters and Actors from the Friends series?

Rachel Green: Jennifer AnistonDr. Ross Geller: David SchwimmerMonica Geller-Bing: Courtney Cox ArquetteChandler Bing: Matthew PerryJoey Tribbiani: Matt Le BlancPhoebe Buffay: Lisa Kudrow

Name the main characters in the book The Swiss Family Robinson?

husband wife and four sons, Fritz, Ernest, Jack and Franz

There was a science fiction TV show with 3 main characters that lived in a mansion one was an older professor type man and 2 or 3 younger students what was the name of the show from the 90s?