How can my mom stop this feeling in her ear?

Answer Ear pain that does not go away on its own, or which cannot be effectively treated at home in about a day, should be looked at by a doctor. If you have a bad ear infection, you really don't want to ... Read More »

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You feeling pressure and pain inside your vagina when you walk and sit or sit up what could cause this pain?

Well, if you are pregnant, it is usually the baby's head pushing into your cervix. (I say that she is head butting me)I've been having the same problem for around 3 weeks now. A lot of times it fee... Read More »

I have a sore throat and pain, feeling like I cant swallow, almost as if I cant, or its blocked.?

See your doctor, you may have strep throat. You can't expect anonymous people who can't examine you and are not physicians to diagnose your problem.

You are losing your mucus plug or you already have in the last few days and you're feeling pelvic pressure it's like a tingling feeling is this normal and what is this pressure?

Imagine this: You are driving down the road, and suddenly your brakes go out & you cant stop. What do you do?

Take your foot off of the accellerator and let the engine drag slow the vehicle as much as possible. Then pull, gently on the hand brake if you have one available, or press on the emergency brake ... Read More »