A song that sounded like Depeche Mode, lyrics "morning sun"...?

Answer True Faith by New Order mentions morning sun a lot.

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Who sings the song for the new season of First 48 commercial that has a reggae beat and has the lyrics falls like a domino?

What iPhone app is it that identifies whatever song you're listening to?

Shazam- An iPhone App which identifies music playing and give you links to the song in the App store and YouTube.midomi- You can sing a song, say the words, have your iPhone listen to the music, or... Read More »

One of my favorite Sesame Street songs is Water Baby written and sung by Joe Raposo. Where was this song filmed Who are the people What are the lyrics to this song?

Can you name a song with the word "Song" in the title or lyrics?

Amorphis - Song of the Troubled OneThe Beatles - Only A Northern SongDavid Bowie - Song for Bob DylanDethklok - FansongDethklok - Comet SongDevin Townsend - BabysongEnsiferum - Battle SongEnsiferum... Read More »